Shaklee 180 Solutions

The Shaklee 180 Programs are ideal for anyone that wants to stay healthy and maintain weight
or people that want to lose weight. The programs are designed so anyone can use the programs.

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1). Shaklee 180 Lean & Healthy

Want to maintain a healthier lifestyle or lose a few pounds, the lean & Healthy program
can help get you to your goals.

2). Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program

Tired of those Yo-Yo diets, where you lose weight only to gain it back on? The 180 Turnaround
is a lifestyle change that helps you keep the muscle you need, lose the fat you don’t want
and is designed for long-term health.

3). Shaklee 180 Specialist

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Do you like to help others, are you coach-able,ambitious, and willing to learn?
Consider helping others as a 180 specialist. Watch this short video and contact
the person that sent you hear to answer all your questions and see if this or
one of our others programs is right for you.