Carpal Tunnel – Surgery Cancelled

My dad is a nurse anesthetist and so he is using his hands all the time to work. He was told last August (2010) or so that he had really bad carpal tunnel and they were going to have to do surgery to repair it. Well he decided to wait, because they had already planned a trip to Africa with their missions team. I started in Shaklee in late September and introduced my parents to some of the Shaklee products. My dad wanted the Joint Health Complex for his knees. He has always been a runner and has done 3 marathons and several other races, but as he has gotten older his knees have really bothered him. So he wanted the Joint Health Complex for his knees.  After taking it for a couple weeks, he could already notice a huge difference in his knees. In fact we are running the Mercedes 1/2 marathon together next weekend in Birmingham. But then he called me one day after he had been taking the product for about a month-and-a-half and said, “You know I just noticed that my carpal tunnel is feeling alot better.  I am going to keep taking the products while we are in Africa and then go back to the doctor to see about the surgery.”  Well, he went to Africa and came back and went to the doctor. He has been able to cancel his surgery!!! His carpal tunnel has completely gone away. My parents are also on the Vitalizer Gold as well as several other things, but the Joint Health Complex is amazing.

— MN, Alabama