The Shaklee Difference

The Shaklee Difference…

The Shaklee difference starts with each and every ingredient, Shaklee uses and
ends with the RESULTS people get everyday for the since Dr Shaklee first
came out with Vitalized Minerals in 1915.

What is the Shaklee Difference…

It’s more than 100,000 quality tests done on products to assure you are
getting the safest product available That’s over 350 tests done on individual
ingredients and finished products. For instance the Shaklee Vitalizer pack goes
through 1000 tests every time a batch is made.

Unfortunately many companies don’t do this level of testing, fact is the FDA recommends companies follow the USP which is 80 tests, far below what Shaklee requires on their

It’s more than 100 published scientific studies, over 80 published in peer
reviewed journals, to assure the products you use work.

Proven results, with over 103 Olympic medals, 60+ gold won by Olympic Athletes
using Shaklee products.

Another Shaklee Difference is the Landmarkstudy, to learn more Click Here

Rick Seymour was a former aerospace engineer, climber and athlete, he has climbed all the highest peaks in the summer and winter with the use of Shaklee products and still does
1 and 2 hundred mile cycling rides in the mountains of Colorado. This presentation was part of an opportunity presentation he hosted in 2012, there is a great overview of the Shaklee difference with the products and various accomplishments using the products.

More on the Shaklee Difference….

Time Life Magazine Cover 25 Greatest Adventures of All time
Seven of Time Life Greatest Adventures of all time were powered by Shaklee Products.
* Mt Everest – First American ascent without oxygen
* Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso and Alcyon expeditions
* Voyager — first nonstop flight around the world
* Will Steger’s three record-breaking polar expeditions
* Daedalus Project — set world 
record for human-powered flight