Fibromyalgia & Migraines – Defeated!!!

I had pain from head to toe…so bad my hair even hurt. Light hurt and made me nauseous. I was so scared that I would never feel good again for my kids. I got on the Vitalizer and Cinch protein every day, and then added in additional B-Complex and Sustained release Vita-C.

Fibromyalgia is really a response of the body when you have had trauma or intense stress.  In my experience, it was both.  My body literally held on to the stress and trauma at the cellular level and it manifested through pain, fatigue, and migraines.  The foundational nutrients (Vitalizer, Protein, and Vivix) were great, but still not enough. Since B and C are the Stress Vitamins (they help protect your body from Stress reactions, but are used up quickly under stress) I was VERY deficient in both.  I started taking 15 Sustained Release C (3, 5x/day) and 10 B-Complex (2, 5x/day).  I became a NEW person!! The solution for me was SO simple!!! My body just wasn’t getting enough of the vitamins that would protect me from the terrible effects of excess stress and cortisol.

I’ve since been able to back off. I still take my daily Vitalizer, Vivix, and Protein, but am able to take just 2 B and 2 C at each meal and I’m fine. If I’m speaking, have a stressful day at work or with kids, or am running out of steam, I take 2 more of each any time I need to!  I carry B and C in my purse at all times.

Side Note:

The fibromyalgia caused me to have terrible migraines…nearly 28 out of 30 days of the month I was in awful pain. The B and C helped tremendously with my migraines, but if I ever get a migraine, I’ve learned a great “trick” to take the migraine away immediately. I took another Vitalizer strip, drank a huge glass of water, stopped for a few minutes to close my eyes, and it worked like magic within 10-15mins!!!  It has worked every time!!!  So take your Vitalizer in the morning, and then carry an additional strip!!  It’s a couple buck “fix”, but SO worth it rather than popping Excedrin or some other prescription drug for migraines.  For me, the migraines were typically stress related, causing my body to deplete vital nutrients, and leaving me feeling horrible.  I’ve learned how to stop the cycle.

I hope this helps someone else find natural relief for what doctors say has no solution and for what I thought I’d never see gone from my life!!!  I’m happy to say IT’S GONE! 🙂

— Jenni, Franklin, TN

P.S. One more thing….

This is a personal testimony and something that I found to be true in my own life and several others we have worked with. Fibromyalgia is what a person is diagnosed with when doctors have no other answers. They are clueless as to what causes the symptoms and how to treat it.

I believe that a lot of fibromyalgia cases are rooted in unforgiveness, bitterness, trauma, or internal stress over some hurtful event that has been buried deep inside. This may sound unlikely, but almost 100% of the people we’ve seen healed have used Shaklee products AND have done some introspective house cleaning involving letting go of past hurts. These were people (myself included) that did not think they were holding onto unforgiveness or hurt from some event in their life. But when they got before the Lord, He revealed MAJOR stuff that had literally destroyed their body. Healing came quickly after the roots were dealt with.

Scripture tells us that bitterness “rots the bones,” so I definitely saw a connection between my anger/unforgiveness and physical ailment. You cannot separate the body and soul. Your body will often manifest the state of your soul.  Interestingly, a few of the people we’ve seen with this were sexually abused (myself included) as children and carrying the pain, anger, etc. in their bodies for so many years.