My Vitamin Ate Through a Cup!

Ok, so I tested my prenatal vitamins in water and this is what happened!! Be prepared to gross out! If you drop your vitamin in water, it is supposed to dissolved in 15 minutes or less or it passes right through you undigested. The other option is that it can get lodged in tissue and in organs because it is synthetic. Things that are synthetic are not living and therefore have zero intellegence, like our food. When you eat food, it knows how to make it’s way through the body, dividing up the usable parts and eliminating the waste. Synthetic vitamins (like drugs) can not do this. They are toxic to the body.

So after 24 hours in a cup of water and NOTHING, we dumped the water out of the cup, left it on the counter and forgot about it. We came back the next morning, and WA-LA!! The prenatal had EATEN A HOLE IN MY PLASTIC CUP!!!  This is scary, considering this is just what the Doctor ordered!  This is supposed to help my baby and me have everything we need to be healthy and form every cell properly.  I don’t think it worked.

































After seeing this, I chose Shaklee Vita Lea and it’s been 10 years and I haven’t looked back!! Vita Lea dissolves completely in water in less than 5 minutes. It looks like a pile of dust at the bottom of the glass of water and leaves no food coloring in the water because it gets its green color from vegetables.

Test your vitamins and see what it does! Does it dissolve in under 15 minutes?  Does it leave food coloring or black, tarry particles in the cup?  If it does, check out the 3 types of vitamins to see which one yours might be!