IVGUniversity – Business Training

IVG University – Infinite Vision Group training site for individuals that
want to have a Shaklee business.

Password required for many areas, see your uplink business leader for password.

IVG University is designed to Empower, Motivate, and Educate the Infinite Vision Group team members.

You can learn from the comfort of your own home while still feeling connected through conference calls,
webinars and other events. When followed, this cutting-edge training program will absolutely lead you
to a successful Shaklee business.



• To have a complete understanding of the process for building a successful Shaklee business

• To learn how to present Get Clean, Nutrition, Cinch, Enfuselle, Get Clean Water, and
the Shaklee Business Opportunity

• To learn how to write a Vision, Goals, and Affirmations

• To learn the follow-up process with members & distributors
• How to effectively lead a New Member Orientation

• To gain personal development

• To have a clear understanding of the Dream Compensation Plan
and how to share it with others



• A brand new person to Shaklee

• A business professional

• An entrepreneur

• A stay-at-home mom/dad

• A person wanting to build volume

• A person wanting to develop a team