Healthier Pregnancies

Healthier Pregnancies

BabyHealth babies, parents want the best for their family and the start ofthese bundles of joy. So are mom’s concerned about.

While researching the following webinar, we found some dangers about Women’s, Childrens, and prenatal vitamins. In a 2008 FDA Study over 370 vitamins were tested for dangerous ingredients, this study reveled that they contained lead and some container other hazardous metals.

Other concerns mom’s have told us are artifical sweeteners, flavors and colors, many people avoid these ingredients in their foods and diets, they
are not needed in Vitamins creating anew life. It’s up to us as parents to
choose the best products for our children and babies.

Even many “natural” and prescription vitamins prescribed by your OBGYN have been found to have these unwanted ingredients. Thanks to former head of nutrition and biochemistry at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr Stephen Chaney for this video on artificial sweeteners.

Are vitamins getting absorbed, are the even dissolving when you swallow them? The Xray to the right and video are a couple examples of how many supplements don’t dissolve, however “Shaklee Food Supplements” are created for maximum absorption and delivery.






The following video shows Shaklee vitamins dissolving in under 15 minutes.

Pregnancy Webinar. Here stories and information about healthy pregnancies, this includes information on
issues with hormone levels, protein, vitamins, diet, and nutrition.

Please contact the person that sent you this video, they can help you with a healthy choices for
you, your baby/children and family.

Ashley was told she would never be able to have children.
Watch her short story.