Soy Protein – The Power of Soy

The Power Of Soy…

The Soy Bean is one of the most versatile food sources on the planet, it’s used for
food, ink,manufacturing and many other uses. However how it is manufactured and
consumed can make a difference with the results you desire.

The following Audio is by Dr Sandra Bevacqua PHD, Dr Bevacqua has spoken all over
the world about health and nutrition to doctors and other health care
professionals on nutrition, diet and creating healthier lifestyles.

      1. Soy Protein Dr Sandra Bevacqua Ph.D

The fact is, you could be consuming the best food in the world or best supplements
in the world and if you are not absorbing them it’s not going to make a large

Part of the problem is overuse of Anti-biotics, toxins in the environment that
upsets the gentle balance in our intestinal track.

In October of 2010 a New Organ was classified in our bodies as BioFilm. Listen
to this audio about intestinal health and how you can improve your absorption,
and be healthier.

To learn more about intestinal health