The Shaklee Lifestyle, for some its about a healthier life,
for others its about more time with friends and family, helping
others and making a difference in our world.

How is this done, word of mouth or Social Marketing™, fact is
everyone does it all the time, from the time children can speak,
people are telling others about things they like. Movies, restaurants
cars, products etc…

The thing is P&G (Proctor and Gamble) has never sent anyone a check
for sharing your love for a product on Facebook. Neither has Duffy’s
a favorite local restaurant we frequent.

Shaklee does pay us, whether you are a customer or someone looking
to create extra income Shaklee will pay you either in cash or free
products just for telling others.

How does Shaklee work… the non selling approach to helping others.

The American Dream – No limits to what you can do…

The Shaklee Opportunity

To learn more about the income potential ask the person that sent
you to this site or click here to watch a video on the possibilities.