Healthy Pregnancy and Nursing

Healthy Pregnancies…
Whether you are pregnancy, nursing, or just want a healthier body, Shaklee products
simply work. Since 1956 Millions of people have benefited from a healthier lifestyle
and better health because of what Shaklee nutrition provides for your body.

The following Video was recorded at the Shaklee leadership trip in Atlantis Bahamas.
Tracy and Her husband were told that they would never have children. Little did they
know they were about to experience what nutrition could do for the human body. Watch
what Tracy says about her pregnancies.

Nedra Sahr – Nutritionist & mom talks about healthy pregnancy…

      1. Healthy Pregnancy

Nedra Sahr and Natural Solutions to Breast Feeding

      2. Natural Solutions to Breast Feeding

Here from Dr Victoria Malchar and her daughter Shanon.
This was Shanon’s first pregnancy, Shannon had run out of her Shaklee vitamins at
one point and tried a prenatal vitamin. She immediately felt a difference and
reordered Shaklee she remained on Shaklee and delivered a healthy baby boy.