I Am The Hummingbird

Everyday is Earth Day…Each of us can make a difference with the things we do everyday.

Celebrate Earth Day the Shaklee Way … And Remember Prof. Wangari Maathai

t’s a tradition.  Each year Shaklee Family Members throughout the US and Canada
celebrate Earth Day by taking action locally to make a difference for the health of the
planet in our own communities, while also sharing the story of Shaklee and our more than
50 years of environmental leadership.

This year, we will also be honoring the memory of our friend and inspiration, the late Prof.
Wangari Muta Maathai, Nobel Peace Laureate, the only person to ever win the Nobel Prize for
her work on behalf of the environment, and the only Honorary Shaklee Master Coordinator in our history.

You can play an important role in our celebration of Earth Day and Wangari.  Here’s how:

Plan an Earth Day Event in your area to introduce everyone you know to Shaklee, our more
than 50 years of leading the way in doing the right thing for the planet, and our safe,
powerful, green and smart earth-friendly products.  Plan to hold your event on
April 21 or anytime surrounding Earth Day (which is 4/22).

Make tree-planting a part of your event, and help us make a big contribution to the
Green Belt Movement’s “I Am the Hummingbird” campaign to plant 1 billion trees worldwide in Wangari’s honor.

Wangari Maathai daughter Wanjira talks about her mom.

Roger Barnett – About Wangari Maathai

I Am The HummingBird

You can start by planting a tree and letting Shaklee know.

Download Pledge Card .  English Spanish

Another difference is with your Home.

Each year children and pets are poisoned from household cleaners, many of these cleaners
have no warnings for the dangerous ingredients they contain, yet continued to be used by consumers.



You can learn more about Shaklee Get Clean from your Shaklee Distributor or through our site.

One of the organizations we work with is the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island.
They have a fundraising site featuring these products and you can learn more or purchase here.
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