A good rule of thumb when working out is to do different muscle groups every other day.

This gives you a day to recover those muscle, most people have experience soreness with
there muscles after a workout. This is a normal process, of the muscles breaking down
the amount of recovery time will vary depending on what you give your body to recover.

Below is a video of MaryAnn Donnely, Maryann and her husband Skips are Shaklee business
leaders on our team and are dedicated athletes, both have competed in Triathlons, Volleyball
basket ball and other sports. Maryann is 55 years old and currently cycles, and typically beats
men and women half her age.

Maryann and Skip were introduced to Shaklee through the products, Maryann would workout
so hard, she would have to walk down the stairs backward the next morning. This was until they
found Shaklee Physique, post workout Drink.