Losing Hair Going Bald Thinning Hair?

In 2004 I was starting to have a lot less hair on the top of my head, though I was not really concerned about it.

No one likes to go bald, I remember my dad being bald in his 40’s so I figured it was just in my genes.

Until I saw a new product called Prosante and the results people were getting. So I decided to do an experiment.

Cut my hair down to 1/2″ then take a picture before, during and after a year. Each time I took a picture I had cut my hair to 1/2″ in length…

The following picture is the before and after of using Prosante hair care for a little over a year, while also used nutritional products and a protein drink every day to help my body with nutrition at the same time.

Prosante Results 7-2004 t0 6-2005


Here are a couple of results from people using Prosante hair system.

This hair system is for men or women all hair types.

The amazing thing is, Prosante does not grow hair, it’s not sold that way
it’s simply a product to make our hair and scalp healthier.

More Prosante Results



















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