Clorox Green Works & Simple Green – Allergens & More

Both of these products contain 
Limonene a suspected allergen.
Simple Green Also contains Toluene which can cause complications in pregnancy
Clorox Green Works Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner
Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner Non-Toxic Biodegradable


Potential Chronic Health Effects:

CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS: A4 (Not classifiable for human or animal.) by ACGIH, 3 (Not classifiable for human.) by IARC. MUTAGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: online casino Not available. The substance may be toxic to blood, kidneys, the nervous system, liver, brain, central nervous system (CNS). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.

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