Elderberries contain several flavonoids.  The primary antioxidants in Elderberries are anthocyanidins (pigmented antioxidants).  They also contain rutin (Vitamin H), isoquertin, and hyperoside (2 healthy phytochemicals).  OK, so why is this stuff in an anti-aging tonic?

The elderberry anthocyanidins are thought to have  immunomodulating effects, meaning they stimulate the immune system in a positive way.  They also appear to have some anti-inflammatory effects.  Most of the research on Elderberry extract is on its antiviral effects.  Elderberry extract seems to inhibit activity and replication of several strains of influenza viruses, both A and B.  It also binds to H1N1 (piggy flu) virions and possibly prevents the virus from entering host cells.

So Elderberry extract is a good anti-viral and might protect me from the flu, but how does it keep me from aging?  As you can see in the picture above, Elderberries are dark pigmented fruits.  Dark in nature means high “protective” phytochemicals.  The protection provided to the plant cells is the same protection it could offer our cells, but there is more to it than that. Recent clinical trials have looked at Elderberry Extracts to determine what effect they have on the body.  Two mechanisms have emerged consistently, one is the regulation of the genes that control inflammation in our immune system cells,(1) and two is  limiting the production of inflammatory cytokines.(2)  When you can limit and control the chronic inflammation that is occurring within our cells, you improve the lifespan and health of the cells.   Vivix Rejuvetrol™ Blend has been clinically proven to be 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone in impacting the 4 mechanisms of aging.  Elderberry extract is part of that blend, and the synergy created makes it an integral part.  The anti-inflammatory effects and immune system stimulation makes for  major contributions and we all could use some anti-viral protection in improving our quality of life, right?

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