Japanese knotweed is a large herbaceous perennial plant native to eastern Asia in Japan, China, and Korea.  It also has been introduced to Europe and North America because it is a concentrated, consistent source of trans-resveratrol.  When we think of resveratrol, we usually think of grape skins and red wine as the primary source.  Both are good sources, but resveratrol comes in 2 chemical forms; cis and trans.  The trans form is the one that is bio-active, meaning its the form that does all the good stuff associated with resveratrol.  In products from grapes, you get resveratrol in equal parts, half cis, half trans.  In Japanese Knotweed, most is in the trans form.  Because of this, when you extract the resveratrol, you get a more concentrate  source than with grape extracts.  The other advantage of Japanese Knotweed is you can get an extract that is 98% or better of pure resveratrol.  With Vivix, 98% purity is the minimum standard Shaklee will accept.

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