Over the years, Shaklee has fueled the dreams of many athletes.
In fact, Shaklee-powered athletes have won over 120 medals at both the summer and winter Games.

This year Shaklee has extended their commitment to these world-class athletes by creating the Shaklee Pure Performance Team. This group of elite athletes, led by 2008 Beijing Games competitor and pentathlete Eli Bremer, has been handpicked from a variety of highly competitive sports. “The image to the right is a partial list of athletes on the pure performance team.”

Each of these athletes understands the importance of premium quality nutrition when it comes to competing at the highest levels possible. Safety and purity are of utmost importance to athletes of this caliber.

Safety is paramount at Shaklee, as well, and our standards are unsurpassed. We conduct up to 350 tests on every new ingredient for harmful contaminants, and we perform over 100,000 quality tests a year to ensure the greatest purity and potency possible. That’s why so many athletes have placed their trust in Shaklee.

Shaklee’s goal with the Shaklee Pure Performance Team is simple. We aren’t trying to make the superstars of sport richer through lucrative sponsorship deals, but rather to put premium nutritional products in the hands of those who believe in, and have come to rely on, their benefits across both the popular and some of the more obscure, but equally competitive, sports that make up today’s modern Games.

Shaklee Innovation
– For 60 years Shaklee has been creating products that make a difference, always committed to quality beyond the standard. With more than 75 scientist on staff and over 100 published peer reviewed studies, Shaklee guarantees that every product is “ALWAYS SAFE” “ALWAYS WORKS” & is “ALWAYS GREEN”

The Shaklee Difference has been something millions of people have relied appoint that they are getting the safest, natural products available. Fact is Shaklee does 350 tests on raw materials compared to 80 tests set by the USP. For more on the Shaklee difference check out this video.

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Eli Bremmer – Head of the Shaklee pure performance team talks about his use of Shaklee products, Olympics drug testing, the benefits he receives from the products and much more.

Troy Dumais Speaks about his improved recovery time from 36 hours to 8-10 hours. With workouts that last 8-10 hours daily.

Craig Blanchette is a hand cyclist, with over 20 years competing, 1988 Bronze metalist in Soul Korea, 8 time World championship, 10 time national champion.

Sandra Gal LPGA Women Golfer