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Everyday your body is exposed to countless pathogens, bacteria, viruses and other microbes that can affect your health. Fortunately your body has a built in protection for these pathogens called Interferon. The Japanese immunologist Yasuhiko Kojima is credited with the discovery of interferon, a natural protein that triggers the body’s immune system to attack invading microbes and boosts the immune system’s ability to mount an immune response. In 1954, while conducting research at Tokyo University Institute of Medical Science, Dr. Kojima isolated interferon in studies on rabbits and since then, his insights have generated a large body of study on interferon and antiviral responses in animals and humans. After his ground-breaking discovery, Dr. Kojima received his Doctor of Medical Science degree from Tokyo University in 1964 and went on to devote more than 40 years of his life to research on the interferon-inducing activities in Chinese herbal medicines. Believing that it was possible to find a way to naturally boost interferon production in the body through the use of herbs, Dr. Kojima screened, tested and evaluated over 200 different botanicals, ultimately isolating four herbs that, in combination, naturally increase the body’s production of its own interferon. As a result, he holds more than 30 patents for interferon inducers and related processes as they relate to Chinese herbal medicines and engineered and created the natural-based formulation NutriFeron™. Because of his extensive expertise in immune science, Dr. Kojima now serves as president and chairman of the board of the Interferon Herb Research Institute and is a member of Shaklee Corporation’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Kojima has also published numerous studies in scientific journals and has served in senior advisory roles at Kitazato Pharmaceutical and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical.

You cells are under attack everyday!

Every day you breathe, eat, touch, and share millions of dangerous microbes that infest your surroundings. Unseen and unfelt, these substances still pose an undeniable health threat. Thankfully, you are not defenseless.Your body’s built-in immune system protects you whenever possible. A complex network, it provides you with multiple layers of defense. Still, everyday life can challenge immune function. Poor nutrition. Stress. Pollution. Fatigue. What can you do to defend yourself and keep your immune system fit?

Protect Yourself Every Day

Now there is a way to keep your immune system “ready to respond” every day with NutriFeron®—a powerful breakthrough in immune science. NutriFeron is the only dietary supplement in the U.S. created by the doctor who discovered natural interferon that boosts the production of interferon in the body.* The scientific and medical communities have identified interferon as critical to healthy immune function.

How NutriFeron Works

  • Increases the production of your body’s natural interferon*
  • Optimizes your natural immune response process at the cellular level*
  • Prepares your immune system to better handle invaders*
  • Preliminary studies suggest that NutriFeron:
    • Rapidly activates immune system defenses*
    • Calls the natural “killer cells” to action*
    • Balances your immune response against environmental irritants and airborne pollutants*

Science, stories and testimonies

Dr. Stephen Chaney received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Duke University and his Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from UCLA. He is currently Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Department of Nutrition at the U. of No. Carolina where he teaches first year medical students. He ran a major cancer research program for over 35 years. He has published over 100 papers and 12 reviews in peer-reviewed scientific journals well as two chapters on nutrition for one of the leading biochemistry textbooks for medical students.

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Ordering Nutriferon

Contact the person that sent you this page or login with your Shaklee ID. If you don’t have a Shaklee distributor you can order Nutriferon here. CLICK HERE The following Webinar was recorded in 9-2012 Dr Steve Chaney talks about the challenges of colds and flu’s and additional things we can do to protect our health from viruses, bacterias and other pathogens.